>>> Alaska = IS = A Terrorist State And Has Been Militarily Classified As Such .!.   >>> America = IS = A Nation Harboring Terrorists And Has Been Militarily Considered Such .!.   >>> Thus, America = IS = A Direct Threat To Global Security And Has Been Militarily Designated As Such .!.   >>> ** The Door Is Now Open To: Military Action Against America & The Armed Forces Occupation Of The State Of Alaska By Foreign Armies That Will Secure The State = Expelling The Terrorists & Their Trash From This Land ** More Information Available .!. Here .!. **

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Calling Out .!. POTUS, Congress & U.S. Military Forces; as a foreign army in Syria illegally, against The Marshal's orders & the wishes of the legitimate Syrian government, your presence in Syria is a continuous provocation for which you have no proper right of self defense against Syrian Regime or Russian Military Forces [at their behest] that come to secure territories which rightfully belong to them .!. We certainly know you cannot quit your post until you are properly relieved & you have done a part of the job expelling ISIS & securing your post until then .!. We thank you for that .!. However, then has become now & you are being/will be properly relieved from all posts by said Russian Military &/or Syrian Regime Forces .!. Please complete the transfer of all oil fields & territories in your possession back to Syria in accordance with Russian Military & Regime Forces instructions .!. Withdraw all U.S. Forces, weapons & equipment completely .!. Dissolve all ties with any & all Insurgent & Proxy Forces & relieve them of all weapons & equipment you have distributed to them .!. Please do this willingly, respectfully & responsibly .!. Please don't make the use of lethal force a necessity .!. Sincerely, The Marshal

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Calling Out .!. Donald Trump .!. Are you sure you're not a chump .?. The Marshal, being "The Better Man", has been defending your honor & giving you every chance He possibly can .!. But you have wasted every chance & this is The World's last dance .!. The Marshal cannot, in good conscience, defend your honor any longer .!. You have not presented yourself, the news media, the governor or the mayor & you've refused to answer The Marshal's call = you sir, do NOT stand tall .!. YouTube.com/GlobalPress = Clean Up America's Mess .!. It would seem either "Olympus" has fallen completely to the hands of the enemy & Secret Service is under terrorist control = where you are merely another puppet of the enemy .!. Or worse; a puppeteer playing games of reindeer; collaborating with the enemies & playing their "puppet show" on the T.V.s & city dailies .!. You sir, have now traveled too far down the path of treason (following the footsteps of your predecessor) without turning back to acknowledge it, confess to being "sucker played" & seek forgiveness for your incompetence & negligence .!. There may be no hope of salvation for you now .!. You are aiding the enemy = committing treason = which is = UNACCEPTABLE .!. And, if continued = UNFORGIVABLE .!.
Sincerely, The Marshal .!.

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Attn: Donald Trump .!. The Marshal doesn't "tweet" .!. He does the "face to face = meet 'n greet" .!. Breakin' it down on the Alaska Street .!. The Marshal has been defending your honor, sir = rather vehemently = as president & man = wants to give you every chance He possibly can .!. It's the right thing to do, He owes that much to you & far more to the world .!. Face IT = nuclear weapons have been unfurled .!. Once done, certain things, cannot be undone .!. We do have = only 1 = planet earth ... for whatever to you, that is worth .!. You sir, did inherit = One HELL of a mess .!. If you can spare it: Youtube.com/GlobalPress .!. And if you've got it to spare = Bux Me Up Baby = I AM = EVERYWHERE = BuxMeUp.com .!. Please don't make Russia Drop "The Bomb" = they are already = full of rage = we don't want "The Bear" out of His Cage = when HE is Filled With RAGE .!. The Marshal = will lead you there .!. DetectiveHits.com = Is EVERYWHERE .!. By the way = if you care = you'll present the mayor, and your own damn self right there = to The Marshal = on the streets of Alaska .!. We ain't playin' Canasta .!. Then, we can call the news media & this government "to the carpet" = TOGETHER = As Brothers .!. We BOTH owe = that much = to our mothers .!. And far more to the earth = the place of our birth .!. Sincerely, The Marshal .!.

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