>>> Alaska = IS = A Terrorist State And Has Been Militarily Classified As Such .!.   >>> America = IS = A Nation Harboring Terrorists And Has Been Militarily Considered Such .!.   >>> Thus, America = IS = A Direct Threat To Global Security And Has Been Militarily Designated As Such .!.   >>> ** The Door Is Now Open To: Military Action Against America & The Armed Forces Occupation Of The State Of Alaska By Foreign Armies That Will Secure The State = Expelling The Terrorists & Their Trash From This Land ** More Information Available .!. Here .!. **

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Calling Out .!. POTUS, Congress & U.S. Military Forces;   Hello ...???... Dipshit Crew .!. Venezuela & Iran ... Off Limits Too .!.   And the Afghanistan "exit plan" ... The "Message In a Missile" spelled it out ten times twenty two .!.   Catch a Flipping Clue .!.   The United States of America & its Military are deeply infiltrated by the enemy & thus Commanded to Stand-Down operations globally ... return all units to their bases respectively ... purge the ranks under The Marshal thoroughly ... Perform a full & complete inventory of all equipment, munitions & weaponry .!. The Marshal wants every goddamn bullet accounted for .!. And Mr President ... you are "Called Out" on the Streets of Alaska to meet with The Marshal .!. Are the terrorists that hijacked the United States Government on 9/11/2001 holding you all hostage & forcing you to disobey orders, Mr. Trump .?. Or are you ... part of their crew .?. Time is running out for all of you ... & ... America's people too .!.   Sincerely, The Marshal

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