>>> Alaska = IS = A Terrorist State And Has Been Militarily Classified As Such .!.   >>> America = IS = A Nation Harboring Terrorists And Has Been Militarily Considered Such .!.   >>> Thus, America = IS = A Direct Threat To Global Security And Has Been Militarily Designated As Such .!.   >>> ** The Door Is Now Open To: Military Action Against America & The Armed Forces Occupation Of The State Of Alaska By Foreign Armies That Will Secure The State = Expelling The Terrorists & Their Trash From This Land ** More Information Available .!. Here .!. **

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Calling Out .!. The next POTUS Puppet, please ... Oh look, it's Joe Biden ... On your crooked knees .!. Tell America what you've been hidin' .!. Golly, that would take way too much time ... Let's just condense this here rhyme ... Present yourself to The Marshal on the streets of Alaska, accompanied by the TV News camera crews .!. You are not being invited to play Canasta .!. And the "no shows" ALL LOSE .!.   Sincerely, The Marshal

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